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Our Experts

Franca Angerosa

Formerly senior researcher and Panel Leader of the “Istituto Sperimentale per l’Olivicoltura e l’Industria Olearia of Pescara.  

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Carol Firenze Anglin
Raquel B. Gómez - Coca

Specialist in vegetable oil analysis

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Mauro Martelossi

Academic Member of National Academy of Olive and Oil


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Wenceslao Moreda

He has been working in the olive oil research and development for more tan 15 years. He has been the head of panel of the Sensory Panel of the Instituto de la Grasa for 15 years, Panel recognized by the IOC, accredited by ENAC (ISO 17025) and Official Panel of European Union. 

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Juana Ortega Membrive

Specialist in olive growing and olive oil extraction.

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Giorgio Pannelli

Former director and researcher of the Experimental Istitute for Olive and Olive Oil - CRA Oli of Spoleto.

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Gea Scamardella

Twenty years of experience in packaging and communications for the food industry

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Prof. Maurizio Servili

Full professor in Food Science - Department of Agricultural Sciences, Food and Environmental, University of Perugia, Italy

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Nicola Simone

PhD, biologist. 18 yrs experience in R&D on olive growing, olive oil quality improvement and vegetable oils' chemistry.

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