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Carol Firenze Anglin

Carol earned her Olive Oil Sommelier Certificate from IRVEA (Research Institute for Excellence in Food) and Olive Oil Academy in Tuscany and her Olive Oil Consultant Certificate from the Italian Culinary Institute in New York.  She is a former board member of the California Olive Oil Council and a frequent contributor to the Olive Oil Source and national magazines.

She holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco, with a focus on cross-cultural communication. Her management consulting career and interests have taken Carol around the world. She has worked and lived in England, France, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Switzerland and China. A life-long educator and seasoned lecturer, Firenze’s dedication to her lifework of studying and glorifying the olive is undeniable.

Carol Anglin is author of The Passionate Olive – 101 Things to do with Olive Oil, which is packed with history and how-to information about olive oil.


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