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Training Course for Sensory Panel Leader

What is a Sensory Panel Leader?

A Sensory Panel Leader is a professional with specific competencies in selection, training, establish and managing a group of tasters or judges, also in the direction of the juries of international olive oil competitions
He/She will be able to develop a good skills and expertise in the evaluation of the product and on leadership for the management of the group of tasters.
This a specific course aimed to take competencies to establish, leading and co­ordinating an Tasting Panel for quality control and olive oil classification and certification.
The course is aimed in according to the I.O.C. - International Olive Coucil norms and International regulation and all instructors are highly specialized in their field and are official I.O.C. and EC Expert Commission members.
Competencies and skills acquired can be useful also to manage panels of tasting of other food products. 

Parma - PR (Italy), 11th – 14th March 2019

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Completed application form should be received no later than: February, 15th 2019


11th March 2019


  • Development of virgin olive oil and its influence on the organoleptic characteristics.
  • Olive oil classification. Sensory analysis and tasting – Psychophysiology of taste and sense of smell;
  • effect of harvesting, conservation, transformation and separation methods on the organoleptic characteristics of oils. 


  • Positive and negative attributes. Recall of knowledge;
  • initial evaluation of tasting panel. Organoleptic evaluation;
  • evaluation of the results according to the official regulations.


12th March 2019


  • Basic law of olive oil. Characteristics. Marketing. Tasting Panel;
  • procedure for the organoleptic assessment and classification of virgin olive oil. Use of the data by the panel leader. Classification of the oil.  Method for calculating the median and the confidence intervals. Spreadsheets.


  • Tasting of international olive oils;
  • standards at high and low concentrations;
  • evaluation of the results according to the official regulations.

13th March 2019

  • Control Points in quality management system of virgin olive oil sensory testing laboratories;
  • document control;
  • quality assurance system (procedures, compliance with standards);
  • internal quality control. Repeatability and deviation index;
  • external quality control. Proficiency test.
  • Tasting of double-blind sample. Internal quality control. Calculation repeatability and deviation index;
  • review and discussion of results;
  • test for differentiation of defects at low intensity;
  • tasting of a collaborative test;
  • evaluation of results. Evaluation of the test. Compatibility index.

14th March 2019


  • Quality assurance system. Second part;
  • questions about the course.


  • Free Software for data analysis: Excel and Panelcheck;
  • analysis of variance of a tasting panel. Calculation repeatability and deviation index;
  • tasting of the commercial olive oils;
  • comparison of the results and evaluation in accordance with IOC and Community rules.  Reporting of results;
  • tasting of the commercial olive oils. Review of positive attributes.

Closing ceremony and consignment of certificates


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an advanced level course for olive oil professionals according to I.O.C. norms and international standards

13th - 16th MAY 2019 - Pienza (SI)

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