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Olive Oil Sommelier Course - XV Edition


Olive Oil Sommelier - Professional course

An educational and training experience with no equals.

Pienza (SI) - Tuscany, Italy

4TH  - 8th NOVEMBER 2019

Last days to enter! Deadline: 25 October 2019

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Olive Oil Sommelier course by Olive Oil Academy is now at the 15° edition and it is still the most copied course in olive oil field.

This is an intensive and professional course, conducted in Pienza, in the heart of Tuscany during harvest period by highly qualified teachers recognize by International Olive Council and in accordance with international rules.

Didactical lessons, comparative tests of sensorial analysis, guided tasting sessions of more than 60 olive oils coming from different countries, cooking demonstrations, visits to olive oil mills fully functioning, marketing lectures and techniques of commercial valorization of the oil: these are all the ingredients of this course.

Aspirant olive oil sommeliers arrive every year from USA, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, China, New Zealand, Scandinavia, France Argentina, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Taiwan, Japan, Croatia, Dubai, Emirates, The Netherlands, Greece.

At course completion, participants will have acquired skills and competencies in olive oil sensory assessment and they will be able to recognize and communicate the innovative use of olive oil in the kitchen and on the table through the harmonization of olive oil and food pairing.

From 2012, Olive Oil Academy offers to the participants at Olive Oil Sommelier course the chance to attend at the panel tests of Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA, flanked by the most skilled olive oil tasters of the world.

In this way, participants will enhance with no additional fees the capabilities acquired during the course, obtaining to remain in the International Register of “Olive Oil Experts” in which they are registered at the course completion as “Olive Oil Sommelier”.

An innovative training system to update competences and skills and to scout new real and certified Olive Oil Experts coming from worldwide.

Watch some pics of previous editions!

Olive Oil Sommelier & Food Experience in Garda Lake - April 2016 from IRVEA on Vimeo.


Olive Oil Sommelier - October 2018 from IRVEA on Vimeo.


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