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Italian Artisan Charcuterie: from farm to fork

Course on the craft of preparing pork meat for the production of Italian Salumi

Cured italian deli meats, smallgoods or charcuterie are all known as Salumi, which include delicacies such as Prosciutto, Culatello, Salame, Salsiccia, Cotechino and more. All a gastronomic success story. 

A course dedicated to discover the secrets of rearing, butchering and artisan curing of meat in the Italian Salumi tradition.
Learn all about the creation of  “Masterpieces” known as Prosciutto, Culatello, Rolled Pancetta, Salame, Salsiccia, Cotechino and much more…

Participants will have "hands-on" experience in the making of  traditional and authentic Italian Salumi and take part in practical demonstrations of traditional Emilian cuisine including bread baking
An exciting and authentic gourmet experience in Parma known worldwide as "Food Valley" which has made the processing of pork its point of excellence in the world


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