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Selma Millenary Olive Oils


Selma Millenary Olive Oils health, commitment, design and quality

Our extra virgin olive oil is made exclusively with picual olives grown in integrated production agriculture located in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaén).

With marked personality, light bitterness well compensated with the spicy, intense fruity fresh olives, herbaceous and fruity taste; great durability and resistance to temperature and frying; more efficient in the kitchen. Theacidityispracticallyequaltozero.

It is a commitment for a necessary and a very healthy product.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

  • Gran Selección (earlygreen olives)
  • Selección (halfripening olives)
  • Organic (Ecological).Free 100% pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which guarantee the purity and quality of this oil.

Our oil has unique quality characteristics in all phases of the production process, in the service and the design to satisfy to the most demanding customers.

The appearance, the packaging as well as the accessories acquire high relevance in our product. For this reason, we have collaborated with Mónica Armani, internationally recognized Italian architect and designer, who has designed the format of the bottle and other complementary elements of the "gourmet pack", ideal for tasting our extra virgin olive oil.

Our values: Quality in the product, the process, the service and the technology; essential focus on customer; economic, social and environmental commitment in business activity; confidence, cooperation and teamwork with all the stakeholders of the company; and, of course, integrity, the first priority of our enterprise is the health and quality of life.

A company from Alicante with a global vision

The world is global and we have the same vocation of globalisation.Our small company is focused on the most demanding customer,which allows us to get the best components wherever they are, to define a product and a differentiated and high quality service.Our administration, marketing and distribution are carried out from the Vega Baja del Segura (Alicante).










• 1 kilo of tomatoes

• 280 grams of bread crumbs

• 100 grams of extra virgin olive oil SELMA Millenary Olive Oil

• Salt to your liking

• 1 egg

• 1 hard-boiled egg for the presentation

• 1 garlic clove

• Ham chopped

* This makes a litre

The first thing we will do is peel the tomatoes and grind them together with the garlic clove. Once we have reached the point of thickness that we like, we add the bread crumbs and crush again.

EVOO comes into play. We put an egg and we are slowly pouring in our SELMA Millenary Olive Oil until it emulsifies. Rectify salt, let cool a couple of hours and is ready to be served.



Address: C/ Miguel Hernández, nº 10, bajo.

03140 --‐ Guardamar del Segura. (Alicante. España)


Contac:  Mr. Joaquin Selma Ortiz


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