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We are proud to be a family owned business named Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill, which has been operating dynamically in the olive oil industry since 1989, when we created what has become one of the most ultramodern olive mills in Greece.
We are located close to the sacred land of Ancient Olympia and maintaining the revival history of the past we are constantly producing with confidence on what the people of our region are used to consume throughout history.
We produce the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively in our olive mill according to the strictest EU's standards and rules. Always with respect to the environment we own and operate cutting edge equipment, whereas an expertise knowledge combined with a constant scientific research we ensure for our customers consistently high quality of extra virgin olive oil from production to consumption. 
By continuously improving our facilities and expertise, Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill has become synonymous with the highest levels of quality and innovation, a true leader in the premium extra virgin olive oil industry.
Each choice is the result of a careful study and precise technical and strategic evaluations, aimed exclusively at the highest quality of the final
Our company counts 30 years on the field of extra virgin olive oil. For us, the production of premium olive oil is passion, love and devotion. In a difficult harvest year we managed to achieve our goal- to keep highlighting the unique flavors and aromatic characteristics of our region with our utmost respect to the environment and biodiversity. We know that through a careful cultivation method, expertise and respect both in the production process and in the environment we can contribute to a perfect product of highest quality for the consumer. We are committed to continue with the same passion and devotion striking for both the protection of the environment and the production of the premium Greek extra virgin olive oil.
In our facilities there is a specially organized department for packaging, with all the required certifications. After the olive oil is produced, we conduct chemical analysis to ensure the ultimate quality. We then separate the oil into lots based on olive variety and quality and store them in stainless steel containers, using nitrogen to fill empty space in the tanks so the olive oil is not exposed to the air. Finally, we use automated bottling equipment to fill our bottles or tins with the delicious extra virgin olive oil. The final product is sealed, labeled, and marked with batch number and its expiration date, and it is ready to be shipped all over the world in order to be enjoyed by our customers.

Omphacium Collection

Omphacium Collection revives the ancient methods of Hippocrates for the production of Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and direct milling at room temperature which he used in medicine. The greek name “om-pha-ki-non” ‘’Omphacium’’ was given to the olive oil by Hippocrates due to the fact that it was made from unripe olives. It is a Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich in phenols, especially oleocanthal, the most important of all phenols, which is proven to have many health benefits.

We are grateful to share these extremely healthy extra virgin olive products with you while your body will enjoy high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which act as a stress reduction, weight management, and even boosts the immune system. This Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of low yield which makes this product rare and precious. It is a collection of a limited quantity and it comes in numbered bottles depending on each year’s harvest.

2019 – Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2019 - Delicate Fruity







Mediterre Alea Organic

Best-quality ingredients: 100% organic, Greek Koroneiki olives, early-harvest, cold-pressed solely by mechanical means. Koroneiki is a byword for oil perfection, well-balanced flavours and Mediterranean pleasure.


2019 – Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2019 - Delicate Fruity








Some of our products to share with you are the following:
Omphacium Collection
Mythocia Early Harvest Collection
Mythocia Classic Collection
Mythocia Flavored Collection
Mythocia Chef's Collection


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