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The love of olive oil has been passed on to future generations by our grandfather Ivan, who taught his children and grandchildren how to live in harmony with nature and with great love and respect for the land that gives us their fruits. The younger generations opt for olive cultivation as an activity, and in 2000 the family Paulišić founded a family farm with the aim of producing and selling olive oil. The planting of new olive groves begins, and the joint forces clear the field at the Mihelići site, and the old neglected olive grove turns into a new olive grove with a modern irrigation system.

The following year begins the planting of a new olive grove on a location Bržunac, and the planting of our collection of 11 olive varieties from all over Croatia and Italy. Gradually, year after year, the land was consolidating and we were planting new olive groves with skillful hands. The collection also grows year after year and now contains over 50 varieties of olives from all over Europe. In 2011, the family farm Paulišić entered the market under the brand OLIVERI, and today it has become one of the most recognizable names of Istrian olive growing and extra virgin olive oil production.


OPG Paulišić is located on the western coast of Istria, a region known for its beautiful sunny beaches, excellent wine and extra virgin olive oil. The location of the olive grove is in the small municipality of Kaštelir - Labinci located 10 kilometers from the famous tourist destination Poreč. Our olive groves are 150 meters above sea level facing south-west. The growing area consists of more recent sedimentary material consisting essentially of tertiary and quaternary materials from Mediterranean Terra Rossa, whose texture and structure is good, well drained and particularly suitable for olive cultivation.


OPG Paulišić currently cultivates 7 hectares of land in his farm, with a grove of 2000 olives. Most of the olive groves are made up of autochthonous Istrian varieties: Istrian Bjelica, Buža, Porečka rosigniola, Carbonaca and Piranska Krivulja, and imported Italian varieties like Leccino, Maurino, Pendolino and Coratina. The rest of the olive grove is made up of OLIVERI's collection of olives from around the world, including traditional Dalmatian varieties such as the Oblica, Italian varieties such as Itrana, Ascolana, Carolea; and less well-known Spanish varieties such as Arbequina and Arbosana. The complete olive area is equipped with a modern irrigation system that protects olive trees from possible droughts in September and August. The fertilization is organic.


Olive harvesting takes place manually, and begins in the first decade of October depending on the maturity of the fruit and the weather. The tendency of early harvest is practiced when the fruit passes from green to mature condition, with the aim of preserving as much quantity of polyphenols which are the main antioxidants. In the OPG we practice no harvesting of olives from the soil to avoid the fruits that have already started the process of oxidation and in order to guarantee quality until last grain. Olive processing takes place within 6 hours of the harvest itself with the aim of preventing the oxidation of the fruit. The processing temperature is 25 °, thus preserving the highest amount of nutritional value, phenols and free fatty acids in the oil.


Oil storage takes place in stainless steel tanks under inert gas. OPG does not practice oil filtration processes, and uses the decantation process instead. Two months after the processing of the olive oil, to extract the natural precipitate formed at the bottom of the tank we pour the olive oil in new clean tanks very carefully and slowly as not to disturb the formed precipitate. Once we have separated the oil from the precipitate we are able to bottle the olive oil by lot.


Although the long-standing practice of this area was the production of blended oil for easier harvesting and processing, our family farm is committed to producing monovarietal olive oil, following modern culinary trends. Production of monovarietal olive oil requires more effort during the harvest because every olive variety must be treated and processed separately, and later stored in the same way. The specificity of the monovarietal production of olive oil is the characterization of each variety, and the taste and smell that is produced by  a single variety and which is characteristic only of that variety. Although organoleptics of olive oil is differ from year to year, certain characteristics remains, as bitter almonds in Buža or pronounced spiciness in Coratina. Identifying these characteristics and selecting varieties for monovarietal olive oils, and then educating the customer about these differences is our mission. Currently, our family farm produces six monovarietal extra virgin olive oils: Maurino, Pendolino, Leccino, Buža, Istrian Bjelica and Coratina.

Oliveri Sangreal


2018 – Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2018 – Delicate Fruity


A olive oil blend is what many define as the best oil, the trick is to collect each variety separately when is perfectly mature and then blend the oils.  After harvesting the Oliveri collection of olives, which now counts more than thirty varieties of olives, we start the the blending process by mixing it with our monovarietal olive oils, and as when the painter paints his painting and mixes colors, we mix the flavors until we get the perfect harmony between fruitiness, bitterness, spiciness  and fluidity.


Progress in any field is impossible without education, and for that reason, our family members are continually trained to keep track of world trends in olive growing and to offer our customers a more quality and professional experience of our products. Since 2018 we offer to our visitors the opportunity to have a tasting of olive oil with a professional olive oil taster and learn how to properly experience the taste of olive oil, recognize the flavors of olive oil, determinate the intensity of fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness.

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