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Olivapalacios, S.L.


Palacio De Los Olivos

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced, processed and bottled in La Finca Los Palacios (Almagro, Ciudad Real).

Olive Variety: early Picual olives, hand -picked olives in early November.


2018 – Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2018 - Intense Fruity

Produced exclusively from our own olives, located few meters far from the mill; cold extraction after a few hours of collection, exclusively by mechanical procedures and decantation.

Our mill is characterized by the latest technology, the-art technology for the highest quality. All the oil thus obtained is subjected to rigorous analytical testing by certified laboratories.

We're certified quality QVEXTRA! Association initiated by producers of extra virgin olive oil, committed to product quality. This, as a result of strict both physicochemical and sensory analysis, ensures that oil will keep its organoleptic qualities to the best before date.

Tasting note

The nose is an oil of medium to high intensity of fruity aromas, predominating green and fresh such as leaf, artichoke, fresh herb and tomato, banana, kiwi and green apple, characteristic of an oil obtained from early harvest olives. To the palate, such green flavors, contrast with the fact that bitter and pungent attributes are manifested in very moderate intensity nicely with spicy tones a little more pronounced, and light astringent end notes mixed with green fruit. Overall a very balanced oil predominantly fresh and clean scents.


It is ideal to have only with bread or enhance salads and any cold preparation, provides a good contrast to strong flavors preparations as game meats, stews, or grilled vegetables, and enhances the flavor of seafood, meats and cheeses.

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Palacio de los Olivos; Luis Rubio; tel: +34 656624483;


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