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Oleum Hispania


Specialized in the integral management of the olive oil in its different varieties and categories, Oleum Hispania is a family company devoted to growing, 
producing and commercializing Olive Juice of High Quality, Attractive Image and Competitive Price. 
These three premises together with our commitment to nature, environment and tradition are our main pillars in which our success is based on. 

We only select the best olives, collecting them in the perfect moment of maturation, which ensures the maximum quality of the product. 
Once the olives are harvested, we carry them to our Oil Mill, where they are immediately cold-milled to preserve the attributes of the final product. 
The cold extraction process is carried out by mechanical procedures and below 22ºC, with the objective of no altering at all the flavours and the original properties of the olive to 
obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of first extraction with all properties, vitamins and fatty acids highly beneficial to the body, totally intact. 

Being members of QVExtra International, we follow its strict quality controls guarantying with its seal to our customers that the product has met a series of quality requirements which are even stricter than those established by the current legislation. On this way with this QvExtra seal called SIQEV, the consumer can rest assured that the quality of the bottle of extra virgin that carries this seal remains throughout the full period of its “best-before” date. 

Oleum Hispania - Hojiblanca


In nose, fruity green intense very complex and elegant. Fresh grass, apple and green banana with a noticeable background of aromatic herbs and tomato plant prevail.
The entrance in mouth is sweet slightly bitter and spicy in progress. Persistent taste and balanced aftertaste of green almond.

Very versatile in salads, cold soups as gazpacho, ajoblanco or salmorejo, pasta, meats and fish.


2019 – 3rd Classified International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2019 - Delicate Fruity

Oleum Hispania - Arbosana


In nose, fruity green of medium-high intensity. Fruit, green banana peel, tomato plant, green almond and herbal notes prevail.
In mouth the entrance is sweet, tasty and pleasant at the beginning with a persistent touch of bitterness and spiciness at the end and aftertaste of fruits.

It is highly recommended for cold plates: salads, emulsions, vegetables, fish and pasta. Also it is ideal for desserts and ice creams.


2019 – Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2019 - Intense Fruity

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