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Masía Can Viver

Brief resume of the company, product and production

More than a company, we could define ourselves as a family that began to restore our old family house, called Masía Can Viver. After many years of hard work restoring the old house we started to work on the fields around. Focusing on a way to keep land clean we decided to plant an olive grove. However we planted so many trees that when those started to give us olives, the production exceeded our needs and we decided to share the surplus with friends and family. This was how the Masía Can Viver Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born. Over time we learned, improved and added value to the product to get a high quality olive oil with excellent organoleptic qualities, among which, we highlight its aromatic smell, its intense flavor and its spicy body.

Brief description of the company’s other services and products

Apart of our olive oil journey, we have a great family house that is really nice and we are lovers of the common Do It Yourself (DIY). That is why we have started some other projects related to our ancestors who lived in that magic house, such as preparing a hive to make our own honey or recover greatgreatgrandpas recipe for making ratafia, an old liquor tipical from our country. And counting on all this stuff, we decided we wanted to share it with anyone interested in learn all things we do, our 900 years of family history and, of course, our excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting and making process! We offer some kind of journeys for people who want to have a great time and learn with us. And not really far in future, we expect to offer our visitors a place to sleep in this kindful place.

Gastronomic recipe suggested by the producer for an optimal combination with the oil of the label

  • 1 jar of canned artichokes in its own juice.
  • 2 tablespoons of Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Dehydrated beets.
  • Fennel twigs to decorate.

Put the artichoke in a blender with the cheese, some of its own juice, salt and a jet of oil. Beat until you get a slightly thick cream. Go adding Vera del Valles premium olive oil slowly waiting for the mixture to emulsify. It should result a soft but consistent cream. Introduce in a pastry bag and reserve a couple of hours in the fridge.


Arrange cream and garnish with fennel leaves and crunchy beet. End up with another trickle of Vera del Valles olive oil.

Masía Can Viver

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