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Agricola Leone Sabino

A Family


“It was my father, Gioacchino to let me taste the freshly pressed oil. That day I decided that this would be my path”

Born from the passion for nature, soil and life in the fields which unites the Leone family the company is conducted by the owner Sabino with his sons Nino and Maddalena. It’s an Apulian reality in line with the times. The company aims at the exploitation of autochthonous cultivars through new olive-growing plants. The company is dedicated to the care of Coratina cultivar olive groves, among which stand out age-old trees of over 220 years old, and young installations of Peranzana, Frantoio and Carolea and to the production of wine grapes, cereals, legumes and other mixed crops. With the aim of bringing to the table a product that is not only excellent but also genuine, the agricultural company Leone implements methods of production deriving from organic farming and integrated with ICEA, CSQA and SQNPI certifications.




“Each type of oil offers a different emotion, it is our job to bring out its characters. I compare our olive mill to a high-class tailoring, where the details are important and are the attention is at its highest. This is how a superior quality extra virgin is born.”

From our olives are made 6 different types of product, all different for the fruit characteristics. The obstinacy in producing an extra virgin olive of high level takes today the farm’s produce into the best gastronomic corners in the Italian territory and abroad.


“We believe in transparency and quality, that is why we operate strict controls on the production process and guarantee the traceability of the products”

The quality of the production process, guaranteed for cultivars, and the processing capability, allow to keep intact the high polyphenol component. Thanks to this attention our extra virgin olive oil is not only good in taste but also brings health benefits.

Don Gioacchino


2017 - Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2017 - Intense Fruity

2016 - Gran Mention International Olive Oil Competition ARMONIA - Trophy 2016 - Intense Fruity


The passion for nature combined with the desire to offer an excellent product has brought the farm on the road towards innovation, becoming quickly one of the technologically advanced territorial realities without renouncing to the teachings of the traditional processing. For decades, we dedicate ourselves to the production of wine grapes, cereals and legumes but it is the production of extra virgin olive oil to draw all our attention.
To bring out the best olive-groves, the company aims at restoring the native cultivars through the new oil-making facilities of Peranzana, Frantoio and Carolea that, together with the century-old olive trees of cultivars Coratina, represent the pride of the company. From these trees will come our best extra virgin.

Each production step is followed meticulously to preserve the authenticity of the fruit: from harvest to storage, from defoliation and washing of the olives to cold pressing. This ongoing commitment to maintain a high standard in the production processes, combined with the care of the olive trees, leads to the production of a superior extra-virgin oil.
The confirmation of a production process based on the best techniques in the olive growing landscape, is given by the numerous honors and awards that the company receives annually, both nationally and internationally.


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